Introduction to the ODA Component Accelerator Project (ODA-CA)

The Open Digital Architecture

ODA is an enterprise architecture blueprint for modular, cloud native open digital platforms that can be orchestrated using AI. It is being developed and maintained by members of TM Forum. You can start learning about ODA here.

Open Digital Architecture

ODA Components are part of the Implementation quadrant of the ODA. They are standardized, reusable, microservices-based software building blocks of ODA, connected via Open APIs. ODA Components are deployed onto an ODA Canvas, which is in the Deployment & Runtime quadrant of the ODA. The Canvas provides a standardized execution platform aligning to Site Reliability Engineering practices.

Check if your company is already involved in developing ODA

If your company is a TM Forum member (check here), you can join the ODA collaboration projects here to contribute to ODA and influence its development.

If your company has signed the ODA manifesto, then it is already committed to ODA’s design principles and essential standards to enable a truly ‘plug and play’ set of technology capabilities.

The ODA-CA project

The ODA Component Accelerator (ODA-CA) is a practical project run by TM Forum member companies in our Open Digital Lab environment. The aims are:

  • Collaborative development of the ODA Canvas and ODA Reference Implementation(s) in order to validate ODA in real world applications

  • Building a test environment and tooling to validate vendors’ commercial products for conformance to the ODA Component specifications

  • Developing best practices for deployment of ODA Components and the ODA Canvas

  • Accelerating the ODA standards by contributing practical implementation experience back into the standardization process

Since the project started in December 2020 we have:

  • Built a reference ODA Canvas in our Open Digital Lab based on Kubernetes infrastructure

  • Delivered a prototype Component CTK which validates security and functional aspects of ODA Components using a 3-stage test platform in the Open Digital Lab

  • Deployed a number of commercial applications onto the reference Canvas and validated them with the prototype Component CTK

  • Demonstrated deployment patterns for security and observability use cases

  • Built a ‘click-to-deploy’ reference Canvas for TM Forum members to use

Read this presentation (updated Nov 2022) for more details about the ODA-CA project. If you’re interested in joining, please email

DTW23 demos

Earlier demo videos

  • Using an ODA Proxy Component for SaaS integration and other use cases: video (8 min)

  • Implementing identity & access management with the ODA Canvas: video (4 min)

  • Implementing observability with the ODA Canvas: video (8 min)

  • Deploying ODA Components on the ODA Canvas - API exposure and discovery: video (6 min)

  • Validation of an ODA Component using the prototype Component CTK: video (3 min)

Deploying Cloud Native Network Functions onto the ODA Canvas

Current ODA-CA project members

alvatross by SATEC, Axiata Digital Labs, China Mobile, Ericsson, Global Wavenet, Hansen Technologies, Inetum, Microsoft, Oracle, Orange, OryxGateway, Sysbiz Technologies, Vodafone, Whale Cloud, Zira.