Getting started checklist for new members of ODA-CA

If you are joining the ODA-CA project, here’s a checklist of things to get you on-boarded.

Admin and access

  • Make sure you have a TM Forum account (register here)

  • After your organization has joined the ODA-CA project (see here for the member list) and nominated you to participate, you will need to sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) and return it to Puja Singh. (Please do this only if your company has formally joined the ODA-CA project and nominated you to contribute. If your company has not yet joined, or if you don’t know, please email to let us know your interest.)

  • For access to the Open Digital Lab environment please send your GitHub credentials to Puja Singh so that we can onboard you when the ICLA is completed.

  • You should receive an invitation to the ODA-CA Steering Committee calls and to the project’s discussion channels on Slack. If you need assistance please contact Amaia White.

Explore ODA-CA GitHub

  • Log into GitHub using the credentials sent to you by IT Support when you joined the project

  • Browse around to find documentation and demonstrations: eg here is our Component Design guide with instructions on how to create a component, and here is the process for making contributions.

  • Ask questions on Slack - the team will be happy to help get you started.

Join the ODA Components & Canvas project

The ODA Components & Canvas project is developing the formal specifications for the ODA Components and Canvas. It’s a regular TM Forum collaboration project which any TM Forum member can join to get access to resources in the shared collaboration space and to project meetings:

  • Login to

  • Click on Labs / Member projects

  • Scroll down to the ODA Components & Canvas project and click on JOIN THE PROJECT, accept the IPR Policy and submit the IPR form

  • Once approved, you will see that the text on the Member projects page button will change from REQUEST SENT to VIEW PROJECT and you will be able to access the project space in Confluence by clicking on the button, or by going to Technical Architecture and Components Project Home

For Vendors

Join one or more of the current initiatives

  • ODA Canvas track (documented here)

    • Create MVP of ODA Canvas use case library and BDD

    • Add these use cases to the prototype ODA Canvas CTK

  • Components track

    • Publish v1beta1 Component CTK aligned with the beta2 Component specification (full spec with BDD)

    • Use the CTK to test commercial Product Catalog components, including BDD for the Canvas supporting functions

    • Create test tooling to semi-automate the CTK validation of components deployed on the reference Canvas

  • Event Hub processing

    • Introduce an TMFC019 Event Management component for the ODA and build an Operator using the YAML descriptor of components to set up event flows

  • Onboarding

    • Update the onboarding playbook on GitHub for new project members and interested observers

    • Incorporate the latest materials eg demos and presentations from DTW 2022